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The fifth competitive season of the game

By now we really miss a few weeks and we will be able to take part in the third season of the Rocket League Championship Series; For the occasion, Psyonix developers revealed the contents of the 2nd Anniversary Update of Rocket League, which will be released from July 5, 2017 onwards. Among the novelties we find the introduction of a new arena called Champions Field, which will be available in competitive, private and casual matches; In addition, the new update will inaugurate the fifth competitive season of the game, and to celebrate it all, will add 18 tracks to the Rocket League Radio.

Rocket League Not forget about the new cars, as in the next update we will be able to drive two new cars, the Centio V17 and the Animus GP Rocket League Items. But one of the most significant features that will be available on July 5 is definitely the ability to modify engine sounds and the effects of explosions caused by our goal as well as additional skin and livery. We also want to point out that this will be totally free, without any DLC track or additional payment. At the end of the article you find the announcement trailer of the new update, enjoy it.

Psyonix also stated that after two years, Rocket League has exceeded the threshold of 31 million players worldwide, split between PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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