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German defender of the Bundesliga Bayern Club

In the past 20 years, soccer-themed electronic games have launched an arms race in pursuit of authenticity. "FIFA" and "Football" study the action of professional players and try to make the game realistic about their simulations Rocket League Items. Miles Jacobson, creator of "Football Manager," will send an early version of the game to 1,500 players for beta testing. At the same time, Jacobson's team will work closely with the clubs. , Quickly adjust game content.

The reaction of professional players to football games shows that they are succeeding. Last month, Chelsea striker Michy Batshuayi complained to the production team of FIFA 17 on Twitter because he thought he was not high enough in the game. Jacobson revealed that he is often contacted by players or player agents, hoping to increase the player's value slightly in the game Rocket League Keys. The players seem to believe that these numbers reflect their true capabilities.

However, as Ivobi said, more and more players no longer just think of themselves as performers in the game, they are also the objects affected by the game. Ibrahimovic once said that he would "find a solution in the game," "and then I will use them during the game." Matt Hummels, German defender of the Bundesliga Bayern Club, also said, "Maybe some people will use the skills they learned in FIFA".

Wenger had said that Messi was a PlayStation football player a few years ago — a comment more like an explanation than an insult. After all, Messi's performance on the court seemed to only appear on a pixelated screen, and (playing games) was also a way for him to learn football.

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