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We made a lot of online services for Rocket League

Psyonix's designers have found that the best way to complement the physics of the bounce and fast cars around the arena is that they have a huge ball there.

"The rocket booster on the car was meant to be a turbocharged choice," Mr. Hagwood said. "But we were completely surprised to find that you could jump up, stay upright, and fly straight across the arena. This is an emergency game we have to keep, and after a few weeks, people come in on the map quickly to reach their goals Rocket League Keys. "

Hargreaves wood remember Psyonix team around the stadium, to reduce the speed and the ball to hit the ball so rapidly that it would like bullets flying over the stadium and into the goal, but he also praised the fanatical design, closed a lot of people's original supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered vehicles.

"It was too hard, so we slowed down a bit (for the rockets)," hagwood told me. "There were problems online because we couldn't afford a dedicated server network. So if the player happens to be in contact with someone who is not very close, it's a bad experience for everyone. "

Psyonix learned from experience and built a Rocket League cross-platform (PC and PlayStation 4) multiplayer console, relying on its technology as much as possible.

"We made a lot of online services for the Rocket League... We try to on the server side to make a lot of independent and platform has nothing to do things, "said hargreaves wood," from there, we have to do is write the interface connected to the various platforms, so that they are able to communicate well; When the data is sent to the game's server network, the network doesn't care about which platform anyone is on - it just means' this guy is on Steam, this guy is on SONY, 'and so on.

There are at least two reasons for this is interesting: first of all, this means that Psyonix must figure out how to build a cross-platform multiplayer solution, in order to meet the unique needs of two different platform holders.

"The biggest problem is that we can't mix a friend list or something like that. Also, there are rules about age limits and content restrictions on the SONY platform, like this, "Hagewood said. "We have to stick to this, and usually SONY can control who can say what on their platform, they can ban people and things, and they won't be involved in cross-platform games. So we have to make sure that nothing can cross the liability barrier between the two sides. This is one of the biggest challenges, figuring out how to get players to communicate without breaking any rules. "

When released, Psyonix no longer allow players to communicate across platforms - when I talked with hargreaves wood last week, he claimed that the PlayStation 4, in the same game players cannot see or hear the message from PC gamer, and vice versa, although Psyonix patch is working to support cross-platform communication.

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