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This game is extremely refreshing

Psyonix, an independent game studio, was a little-known team before creating the rocket league. They brought word of mouth and a double harvest in business. This game is extremely refreshing, while maintaining a high level of competitiveness and appreciation, it is not surprising that it can be a fire. In July 2015, "the rocket league" launched Steam, and the game won wide acclaim from players before it hit the shelves, and it was among the top Steam sellers for a long time.

IGN, a foreign famous game media, scored a high score of 8.0, among which the sub-item was not smooth due to the unstable server. However, after the game's continuous update and server optimization, IGN also adjusted their evaluation recently, 9.3 points! As you can imagine, standing on the broad shoulders of the giant of tencent, you can see the infinite possibilities of the rocket league Rocket League Items.

What kind of game is rocket league? Racing, I want it; Football, and I want it, can have both.

All the fun of the rocket league is concentrated in the core gameplay of its "hubbub". The racing car and the football passion collision, the game innovative combination of the two, the effect is very impressive. In the game, the only thing that the player has to do is to control the shape of a toy four-wheel drive car to drive the ball into the other side's gate, and then there is no rule of the tie, offside? False start? It doesn't exist.

If you want, you can blow up your opponent's car, and in five minutes, the only goal is to score. In closed stadium game, players control the car under jet propulsion can reach a very high speed, and even get rid of gravity gallop directly on the wall, at the end of flame racing as the rockets. Players can easily get their hands on the direction, spray, jump and drift, but that doesn't mean it's not challenging. In the real world, it's not easy to get the ball right into the goal with these small, fast cars, and that's exactly what this is about.

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