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Philadelphia Eagles player walked up

The story of how Madden NFL has become a revolutionary video game and has taken on the game grid. The Madden NFL series has brought more than $ 3 billion in revenue to EA over the past three decades. At that time, the game dragged both the video game industry and also the man who originally lent his name. "Madden" to most people these days is not a legendary head coach and color commentator - but a video game. It is well established that John Madden is afraid to fly Madden 18 Coins. So it should not be surprising that when the soccer giant sat down with Trip Hawkins and Joe Ybarra of Electronic Arts in 1984 to discuss what would become John Madden Football, the conversation took place on a train traveling from Denver to Oakland. 

John Madden himself admitted much in 2002 in a Los Angeles Times article. Madden was in a hotel room in San Francisco when a Philadelphia Eagles player walked up and asked, "Where's Madden" All the others in the room indicated Fox commentator. "No, not that Madden," said the player. "I want the game." The story of how Madden NFL has become one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time, strangely, begins on an Amtrak train. EA founder Hawkins, a greedy football player Strat-O-Matic, had long wanted to make a realistic computer game. With the recent success of Apple II and other mass media, there was finally a platform that could make that dream a reality.


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