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The World Cup top scorer

Although Oleg Salenko is not a football superstar, but he has created the envy of all in the game, two records, the World Cup scored five goals in a game and participate in the group only to win the World Cup top scorer. But if the Russian team did not have any infighting, he might not even have the chance to take part in the World Cup. After the collapse of the Soviet union, the remaining Russian team was easily killed in the World Cup finals FIFA Coins.

The deteriorating economic conditions in the country have left the main players looking to win big bonuses from the football association through the World Cup. However cash-strapped Russian fa failed to meet their conditions, this led directly to include effective sergej kiriakov abroad, YouLan, Sally merv, such as more than a dozen players announced his retirement from England. With all the frustration, the manager has to play young players at home, in the context of the World Cup.

Team is not the whole of Russia after losing Brazil and Sweden have been set out, they won game 3 opponent is chance for Cameroon "African lion". The Cameroon team is widely expected to win. The result of the game, however, make buffs are raised, Russia to crazy tu 6:1 rivals, not only to find a face personal but also created a World Cup game 5 goals in the world record. There is no doubt that the winner of this contest is sarinko, a young man from st Petersburg who has created an astonishing miracle in World Cup history.

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