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The world's leading British racing game

"Racing Alliance" as a development by the world's leading British racing game developer Eutechnyx, in China's air network exclusive agent of the distribution of online games, its game quality is beyond doubt, is definitely the NO.1 in today's racing online games. In this test, "Racing Alliance" truly reproduced 46 top luxury sports cars Rocket League Items of well-known authorized car brands; and used satellite photography, laser scanning and other advanced technologies to truly restore Brands Hatch, Hockenheim, Daytona 8 famous international race tracks.

At the same time, in this test, Racing League also opened four different competition modes such as multiplayer match match, single-player match match, single-person practice match, drift match and so on; Racing, racing upgrade gameplay; support for personalized painting, wheel system; including chat, friends, mail, inviting friends a powerful interactive system; cater to different user habits of a variety of operating methods.

With the server full on the day of the test, the number of online players reaching new heights, and the constantly increasing number of new users, the Racing League players have demonstrated and expressed their passion for the game with a perfect set of data and practical actions. What was most memorable during the test period was the players who often ran 20 laps of Silverstone Rocket League Keys. Their dedication and their courage were indeed admirable. At the end of the test, most of the players in the game lit the 10th-class car, and more players opened the 13th Nissan GT-R!

Publicerat klockan 10:13, den 4 april 2018
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