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Rocket League is not difficult to master

I don't know why the Rocket League was so successful this year when its predecessor, the supersonic acrobatic rocket powered combat car never reached the same level. Maybe it's all the names? The Rockets league is not easy at all, I admit. Or PlayStation Plus is a secret ingredient? It helps people talk about this wonderful video game from early on. I don't know, but I'm glad to see it being played by a lot of people. Buy Rocket League Items The Rockets league is the best football game I've ever played, and it's one of the real highlights of 2015 years.

Everyone can have a meaningful impact on the outcome of the game, and they may need to perform various roles throughout the game. Sometimes you see a player staying stable in a more defensive position, but even then, as the game progresses, a better team will change that, making sure everyone can move further when needed. We often talk about great games that are easy to play, but difficult to master, and I think it's especially important for a group of friends sitting on a couch. This is the extra trick that will get you back.

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Psyonix is looking at noteworthy features

In addition to cross-platform aspects, Psyonix is looking at two other noteworthy features that will be tested after the autumn update Rocket League Items.

A new type of item that a player can get from an event is a decryption device, which is basically a free key that you can open to any box. The key is to pay the price.

Because these can be earned, the items you get are not traceable. This is what we have to do to protect the economy, otherwise people can breed with robots.

Psyonix will launch a game against the Rockets League. Create a real private game pattern. You can choose any game mode, select the map you want to rotate from standard stuff to lab. 1v1 to 4v4.

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Rocket League has admiring an community

Rocket League now has 25 million registered players. That makes it one of the acknowledged amateur on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. This is an amazing anniversary for the indie game that has you arena soccer as a car. Developer Psyonix aswell accepted that Rocket League Rocket League Items has hosted added than 1 billion alone matches aback its barrage in summer 2015. Half of those amateur are allotment of the ranked aggressive mode, which is acceptable a above key to its success. Rocket League has admiring an agog esports community, and that keeps admirers affianced and advancing aback for more.

But it’s not just adept admirers of the game that are befitting Rocket League traveling (even if I do own it on three altered platforms). Valve appear endure anniversary that Rocket League was one of the acknowledged releases on the Steam PC gaming belvedere in 2016. Sony aswell appear that it was the a lot of downloaded PlayStation 4 game on the PSN Store in 2016 for North America and Europe. That achievement on PS4 is abnormally notable because Rocket League debuted as a chargeless download for associates of Sony’s PS Plus exceptional cable account in 2015. Yet, in the afterward year, added humans downloaded it on PS4 than any added game.

Rocket League's sales acutely authenticate that it is a mammoth, advancing hit, but its assurance amount is apparently the a lot of absorbing metric by which you can adjudicator its success. On Steam, it's about consistently in the top-10 in agreement of accompanying online players. Today, according to Valve’s data, Rocket League has had a aiguille circumstantial amount of players of about 54,000. That makes it the No. 7 most-played Steam game, and it puts it advanced of amateur like Fallout 4, The Division, and Civilization VI. This speaks to Rocket League's abiding appeal, which puts it on par with abiding favorites like Team Fortress 2, Ark: Survival Evolved, and Warframe.

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NFL stars celebrate the United States Independence Day

NFL stars celebrate the United States Independence Day flag flying full of inspiring

New England Patriots star Julian - Edelman at 8 o'clock in the morning to send Twitter, wish the fans happy day. "The United States is a country full of courage, imagination and a firm belief," he said at the same time.

Pittsburgh Steelers took over Antonio - Brown to describe his National Day holiday as an entertainment weekend. He not only participated in the hot dog race, of course, ultimately, the tennis companion Madden Mobile Coins.

Last season, the loss of the Super Bowl Atlanta Falcon team number running back, De Vantaa - Freeman wrote: "I wish you a happy day, to the crazy barbecue it!

Freeman's teammates, the same season last season, good performance Julio - Jones is uploaded a picture of fireworks in full bloom, and wish everyone happy day!

Compared to Jones' fireworks pictures, Joe - Flora's fireworks video seems to be more profound. The Baltimore Ravens super quarterback upload a purple fireworks blooming in the night sky in the short video, in celebration of the National Day at the same time, it seems also looking forward to the team next season's record can be amazing!

Since it is National Day, naturally can not ignore the blessing from the Philadelphia Hawks players. Eagles close knot Zach - Oz said that our country is set up in Philadelphia, I am proud of playing on behalf of Philadelphia!

In April this year, just announced the retirement of the former Dallas denim star quarterback Tony - Romo also on the day of independence expressed his respect for the lives of the country's compatriots respect, and wish you and their loved ones and friends through a happy national celebration holiday.

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Two New Cars From Rocket League

Two New Cars From Rocket League

Rocket League developer Psyonix has announced that its two models of the 2008 Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle-Cars are on its list. They will be on July 18 in the global launch.

New cars, aftershocks and predators will be the first to the July 5 release of the Rocket League Collector's retail version of the owner Rocket League Items. Aftershocks and predators will be with their own classic style and modern style with a new look and will immediately use six free decals to unlock. They will spend $ 1.99.

Released in July 2008 supersonic acrobatic rocket launched a combat vehicle.

Rocket League’s Free Hoops Basketball Mode

Psyonix is ready to suck you back to the Rocket League. The developer's new model will change the game from car football to car basketball, you will soon play.

Loop mode will not cost you a dime. It will be part of the regular update timetable for April 26th. If you want to fly to support your favorite NBA team, then the $ 30 flag will be available for $ 1.99. The NBA logo logo will be provided free of charge.

The new Hoops model is equipped with Dunk House Arena. Here, the network can be used as a slope for the ball (if you are an airborne antenna).

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The number of players you can buy in the Mut store

Madden 18 Ultimate Team gets player bag coin tips

The perfect strategy for making mut coins as quickly as possible is by simply buying the "get players" package from the Mut store.

Since Madden 18 recently just released, silver, gold and elite cars sold far more in auction houses than they normally require. So if you buy a 500-coin player pack, you will be able to sell at least 800 coins in the mut market with a silver or above brand card that allows you to quickly and easily get at least 300 coins each time.

You can often try to do this because there is no limit to the number of players you can buy in the Mut store Madden Mobile Coins.

Madden 's Ultimate Team chemistry label.

New Madden Longshot mode, before you dive into the top of your head. This is because you can earn the longshot card by playing longshot for the ultimate team, all of which are on top of the players you put in. You can see just the two longshot cards Dan Marino and Chad Johnson, which are clearly the outstanding players in the team.

You can also get special longshot challenges in the ultimate team, depending on how much you contribute to the longshot model. For each longshot behavior you complete (a total of 3), you will be able to access the longshot challenge in the Ultimate team's "Solo Challenge" section, which rewards you mut coins and players.

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Rocket League game is easy to get started

Rocket League game is easy to get started, but difficult to master. Users learn to master the skills are full of fun, see friends around with you failure is fun, and those difficult to play also let users pleasantly surprised, impressed.

Twitch live on the help of Psyonix is very big, such as the competition between the anchors and so on, and the host in the game before the release can experience the game ahead, which is very helpful to the game. Psyonix Rocket League Items did not pay the host to help Psyonix propaganda, but will give the keys or in the chat room sent out. Psyonix is very respectful of Psyonix, not the Psyonix as market promotion machine.

PS Plus: Many users see his friend playing Rocket League, also will try to play this game, because PS Plus on free.

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Goofy car games have space for field games

The Rockets League has been growing steadily, and has built its own alliances and spotlights on networks like NBCSN. It is easy to see why the rocket-propelled football itself is a spectator, easy to understand. Goofy car games Rocket League Items have space for field games, but when it comes to competitive action, simplicity has proved better.

Risultati immagini per 火箭联盟

Although the game starts with a basic field like a football field, the Starbase arcs and wasteland maps add new nuances. The maps, which have slopes and hills, bring a new twist to the rocket Alliance, but fundamentally change the way players approach the game, forcing players to adjust their crossover or dribble in midfield. As new maps are added to the standard carousel, players must compete with them to see if they like them.

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The new Utopia Arena game area

This is a sports game in which players play football with a car. The speed of the computer transmission is slightly slower, which allows you to try some strategies and feel good about the sport. In the morning, he went to the mayor to get the money, but he realized that werewolves never attacked the town and stole the gold they wanted for his reward.

Developer Psyonix has provided a lot of support for the Rockets League, adding the latest model for the Bastock ball, and a large number of cross entertainment promotions. The Rocket League's Xbox One reveals humor. The Rocket League's Xbox One reveals the main problem in Indiana Rocket League Items. Exit Technology: What happens when a person doesn't know when to quit in a war? I and many different followers, the love of SARPBC is its various stadiums; each is completely different in shape and size, forcing players to change their tactics accordingly.

As shown above, aerial photographs are likely to be an important part of the game, because the player's goal is to pull the ball into the basket. Plus Jordan is a very attractive guy and he will win the support of the fans. Basketball will play a role in a new area called Slam dunk. The new "Utopia Arena" game area, more than 70 new national flags, a large number of different custom gadgets, as well as the acclaimed video game company "Fireworks" new single "fireworks", can even be upgraded to the latest version. Hollywood principles. Freedom is good. It may be so. 

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Physics engine of the car has a good performance

In the rocket league game, physics engine of the car has a good performance, whether the vehicle collision, dropped from the air, or speeding up, the game on the handle makes the game itself has a very good fit experience. High operation difficulty and games also make arena inevitable condition, brush with football, violent collisions with other cars, and even the blunder is also frequent. You can say that the fun is very high.The brilliant image and the physical engine, the failed game sound, feel like watching a silent blockbuster. The game is more interesting Rocket League Items, and the online games of many people must be very interesting. 

The new map is called the "world of champions", which has a modern urban look. It will be available in qualifying, leisure and private tournaments.The new two cars are Animus GP and Centio V17, both visually and visually excellent. In addition, Psyonix will introduce a whole new "engine sound" and "goal explosion effect" as the game's custom options. These new engine sound and explosion effects will be available in the box. In addition, 18 new music will be added, making the process more dynamic. 

Microsoft's MR equipment HoloLens is attracting the attention of a lot of players, has released a user in the Internet using HoloLens experience "rocket" video, look very cool, full of sense of the future.In fact, the video is just a way of showing the potential for future games, and PSyonix, the developer of the rocket league, did not launch the HoloLens game plan. But with the rise in industry such as VR/AR/MR, it is believed that more players are looking for games such as the HoloLens version of the rockets.

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Boston has never won New York in a big tournament

In the United States, the most popular sports are rugby, basketball, and baseball, and the popular football in China and Europe can be said to be out of line. Without football, he began to have an interest in American football and rugby. After being familiar with rugby, we understand why Americans are keen on this sport Madden 18 Coins, which is the ultimate force and speed confrontation, Aboveboard, and without suspense. Every confrontation between the two sides of the line, is to rely on strength and speed to overwhelm each other. Baseball, which initially seemed to me to be boring, was too slow and not wonderful. The most important thing is that the rules are too complicated for us to read.

The first time I was interested in baseball was the Great League World Championship battle between New York and Boston. Boston has never won New York in a big tournament, and it seems to have been cursed by the number of young and champions. It was like an old play again, Boston had a total lag, and the key game knew that the last inning was behind, and no one thought they could. However, Boston finally won the game, and then the confidence of the New York team before the game to beat everyone optimistic. From then on, the spell was broken and Boston was no longer the youngest brother of New York. The tension of the game, the players reflect the kind of the last never give up the momentum, unknowingly infected the audience, but also infected me.

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Good skills of Madden 18 are very important

If you always play Madden 18 online games, maybe you do not have a good Madden 18 Tips, how to play online games. I looked at the tips for getting more online games in Madden 18, and today I will share the details of the five tips you need to know.

1. You need more practice. Good skills in Madden 18 are very important, so you need to take the time to learn and practice new features and controls. One day you can become a skilled coach!

2. Do not forget the defense at any time. You need a lightning bolt with your area to see the edge of the blitzkrieg. If you do not care about defense, you can not save your game's nest skills Madden 18 Coins!

3. Control the game. Run the game by controlling the speed and chew the clock to keep the game off - especially if it is a skilled opponent. If you do this, you can master the initiative in the game, you can clearly know how to do the next step.

4. Build a better team and plan. Try a variety of player teams and plans, and find several best combinations in MUT. Then the chance of victory will prove to be a lot!

5. Forget Madden 16. You need to focus on the work done in Madden 18, put all the souls and souls in Madden 18, make his work better, and play like playing old games.

If you can do more than five Madden 18 tips, you learn and practice new stuff and skills that will help you become a better Madden 18 player. If you think it's helpful, or if you know more useful tips, welcome to leave your comments, please visit Madden 18 cheap coin website if you need to buy Madden 18 coins!

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America's favorite spectator sport

Professional rugby grew fast in the mid 1960, surpassing baseball in some surveys as America's favorite spectator sport. Since the NFL was unable to provide the opportunity for many to benefit from the growing popularity of the game, an alliance with its rival, the American Football League, was established in 1960. American Football Conference introduced some of the NFL's features, like the Wider-open pass offense, the player's name embroidered on the jersey, an official clock that lets the audience know the rest of the game (the NFL uses the referee's watch to calculate the time, and periodic announcing time). The new alliance also solves the financial problem after the club has set up a broadcast rights gold sharing and a cable television network broadcast Competition convention.

The rivalry between the NFL and American Football Conference Buy Madden 18 Coins reached a climax in 1966, with both sides continuing to bidding the high salaries of the top players in the university league, which made it difficult for both sides to make costly efforts to continue the confrontation. June 8, 1966, the alliance reached an agreement to announce the merger plan, the formation of a new alliance with 24 teams, the former American Football conference nine teams plus the NFL's three teams form the new League of the United States Football Association (American Football Conference, the AFC, and the rest of the NFL team has become the National Football Federation (State Football Conference, NFC). 1967, the first American Football CONFERENCE-NFL Championship (hereafter called the first "Super Bowl", Super Bowlⅰ) held in Los Angeles, the NFL champion Green Bay Packers with a 35:10 victory over American Football Conference Champion Kansas City. In 1970, the new alliance process was finally completed through government approval and retained the name of the NFL, and a four-year American Football CONFERENCE-NFL Championship was officially renamed the "Super Bowl".

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The process argument on the width of the game

The US District court called for further scrutiny to remove the $11 million profit surplus from Madden NFL founder Robin Antonicks

In 2011, Antonic cited an electronic art company for violating the development agreement he signed in 1986, authorizing him to earn royalties on Madden's derivative version of the game. Although this is a contract dispute, he has the right to obtain the original version of the Apple II derivative according to the U.S. copyright law, and he has reviewed the judgment of the process argument on the width of the game. Can protect virtual and "theatrical actors and combinations".

The California federal judge has just allowed Antonic to be tried, scoring touchdowns Madden Mobile Coins in 2013 with a 11 million-dollar verdict. But a few months later, the judge conducted a legal assessment of EA's services, concluding that there was not enough evidence to justify the jury's conclusion that the Apple II game and the subsequent Sega version were "almost identical".

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Rocket League will soon officially support PlayStation IV

Rocket League will soon officially support PlayStation 4 Pro! As part of our Hot Wheels upgrade that will arrive on February 21, we will release a new update that allows Rocket League to perform both 1080p on standard PS4 and 4K on PS4 Pro, 60 frames per second in all arenas for single and two Split splitter mode. Three- and four-player splitscreen modes offer 60fps in most arenas at the same resolutions. Along with support for the PS4 Pro, our next update will include some PS4-specific technical enhancements, plus multiple performance optimizations and error corrections. This is just the first of many content upgrades scheduled for the Rocket League in 2017 Rocket League Items, so be sure to keep even more eye on Psyonix HQ as the year moves. See you soon!

Hot Wheels are coming to the Rocket League on February 21 and we've transformed two of the most legendary models in Battle Cars. "Twin Mill III" and "Bone Shaker" will soon be rocket propelled and ready for Beckwith Park (and every other Arena) with exclusive wheels and six decals for $ 1.99 USD. As an added bonus, all players - Do not buy DLC Hot Wheels - they can find a Hot Wheels Antenna and Topper, the "Treasure Hunt" flag, and "Shark Bite" Topper as a casual post-match falls in the upcoming update. Look all in a few weeks! Thanks to JHZER for the sweet gameplay movies for the trailer!

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NFL jerseys for each team in the league

On July 30, 2009, EA Sports added a black poker table to a higher level player to the EA Sports Complex red card poker room. In time, there will be a room dedicated to this table, like the green poker room and the red poker room. They also added the fifth green table in the green poker room. The update also includes the addition of EA Sports Pro Shop, where users can purchase complete boxing clothing and furniture from the "Fight Night" fourth round. The specialty shop is located in the racing field. August 16, 2009 update The fifth green table with a green table instead of the green poker room. They also reduced the points of the black table from 20,000 to 10 000. August 27, 2009 Updated Separate score points for each level of the game - green, red, and black - into the daily board and seasonal board (left and right Side), improved card readability, near the poker table near the railroad seat, poker players remove the player while locking, and the player's refund at the time of exit (when playing poker, do not return the home connection).

October 9, 2009, EA Sports will EA Arena published to the Japanese version of Home. They also released NFL jerseys for each team in the league for EA stadiums and home shopping centers. EA Sports also works with the Home team to produce and distribute exclusive virtual items to support the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 100% of the proceeds of these items went to the Brees Fantasy Foundation to support the Breast Cancer Research and Consciousness Program. These items are black jerseys, pink in front of the 9, the back of the Brees is pink. These jerseys were from October 15, 2009 to November 25, 2009. November 5, 2009, for those who buy Brees breast cancer jersey of the people, they November 5, 2009 to November 25, 2009 between two EA Sports Complex poker room, one in the club fighting night sky Got a free DJ kit. November 25, 2009, "Fight Night" fourth round producer Mike Mahar and Brian Hayes at 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm (7:00 pm EST and 8:00 pm) , An example of a night sky with a live chat club with the PlayStation Home community.

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Madden Bowl is a video game of the Super Bowl

The New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons will hold the Super Bowl at the NRG Stadium in Houston on Sunday, but will hold another big event on Friday: Madden Bowl in 2017. Madden Bowl is a video game of the Super Bowl, and $ 250,000 will be on this line because the world's best players are competing in Houston's semi-finals and finals in the past week Of a quota. For electronic art world popular football simulation, this is a very long way, originally published in 1988 on the Apple II, as a football guidebook. Over the years, the game in the basement, living room and dormitory to play an explosion of the game, so that family and friends in the middle of the night to play the game.


?2018 Madden Bowl Day 3: Houston semi-final Saturday quarter-finals, Antonio Brown, Ricky Williams Madden 18 Coins and Dion Saunders will play in Houston's Super Bowl game Key role. Falcon's Vick Beasley in the American Football League "Super Bowl" rehearsal, Bennett Bennett (Martellus Bennett) played together Although the falcon and the Patriots is expected to have a super Bowls, but their video game preview is a blow, Atlanta's Vick Beasley won the win. We reviewed the Madden Bowl game on the 2nd day, and eight players competed for four places in a single knockout. With the rise of esports, Madden has gone beyond its shabby sofa limits. Now has up to a year of online games, professional players and money in this area.

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The automatic matching level of Rocket League game

In the Rocket League game, the producers put the players to build a similar to the football field of the closed space, in this space, with a car to the big football kicked the goalkeeper is the only rule of the game, Give up other cumbersome football foul set, no doubt, this race belongs to the car will be the game atmosphere has been raised in a fiery height. The game screen is very good, the details of the car, including the collision of the outer frame of the jitter has a very detailed performance. Lighting, vision to the players created a seem to be a real event experience, colored neon lights from all directions to lay down, shop in the game, making the whole environment is very texture. It can be said that the effect of light and shadow and the collision of the game to the game has a considerable increase in color, and the score after the football explosion effects also make the initial contact with the players impressed.

But this game is sound in terms of some loopholes, or that focus on the environment and the sound on the track and ignore the sound of the car itself. The game, Cheap Rocket League Items the cheers of the audience, and even some of the scenes in the birds have shown the sound, and the car's sound to remove the sound of the exhaust gas outside the acceleration is really nothing to say, the tires and the ground friction sound The sound of the grass on the track and the sound on the iron bar, and even after the collision of vehicles and the sound of football after the explosion is unresponsive, affecting the game experience. 

Rocket League is the main battle of many people, the most of the game time is also in online mode, automatic matching should be based on the account level, but the actual situation is matched to the player level really much worse. Some players do not know how to efficiently grab the ball, such as headless flies, the audience out of 120% of the force contribution was 0, with the rookie AI have a ratio; and many players for jumping, flip, wiping and other skills are very skilled , Scraping is also very active, these people are the main force on the field; occasionally encounter some hard-working, usually away from the ball far, but always at the crucial moment rushed to give a fatal blow.

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The flying team

In the middle of the first section of the game, the duck team Kessler in front of the pad hit the hand, the score rewritten as 1 to 0, but the flying team Kerney in 19 seconds after the score equalizer, the section after the game, duck team Kessler And then re-scored a goal, the score rewritten as 2 to 1, the second quarter after the opening minutes, Kessler in the fast break and scored a goal to complete the hat trick, the duck team made 3 to 1 lead Buy NHL 17 Coins. But in the next minute, the captain Kotuo Ruier and Shen En even into the two goals, in one fell swoop pull the score 3 to 3, the duck team had to be the first goalkeeper Gibson temporarily replaced to make it calm mood.

A few minutes later, Gibson was once again played, and the performance of brave, in the rest of the game to resolve the trapeze attack several times, the two teams with the final score of 3 to 3 into the overtime, but still missed, In the duck team Perry into a key ball to help the team to 4 to 3 win, goalkeeper Gibson eventually completed 51 saves, set a personal career and the history of the team and the duck team record a few single play. The two teams have no goal in the first quarter, the second section of the game in the latter part of the Senate team Touris in front of Tuishe broken network, the score rewritten as 1 to 0, the end of the game at the end of the game, After the opening of the third quarter soon, the capital team Jonny a long shot again break the Senate team goal, the score overtake for 2 to 1, the two teams did not score, the capital team And ultimately to a ball advantage to win.
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The team's owner and general manager

Kings changed the most in the NBA, when start-up called "rochester royals", in 1957 changed its name to "Cincinnati royals", in 1972 renamed "Kansas city - the" ha Ma Guowang team, until 1985, when the team home settled in Sacramento and was renamed as "the Sacramento Kings".

None of the royals has entered the league's top 10, and Bob Davis, the team's top scorer, is just 14.0. The royals won many games against a strong defense, limiting their opponents to 74.6 points Madden 17 Coins. At the end of the season, the royals' 15-game winning streak ended with a 51-17 record. But in the second round of the division, the winner of the division was defeated by two points, and was swept out by fort Wayne in the postseason.

The royals have had the best record ever. In the planning of the team's owner and general manager and manager, les harrison, the royals have become a powerhouse in the old world. Its lineup includes Bob Davis, bobby winzell, and arnie lai, who scored 16.3 points and 12 rebounds in the season. The royals ended the 1950-1951 season with a 41-27 finish, and the lakers lost three games to the lakers. It swept the pistons easily in the first round of the playoffs, then sent the minneapolis-back home to the finals in the fourth floor. He was the first and only NBA champion in the team's history to win a 4-3 win over the New York knicks.

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New story mode of Madden NFL

There is a lot that is new to Madden NFL 18. Longshot brings a new story mode ever seen in Madden, and the franchise is now powered by the Frostbite gaming engine to put the images up in high heights. But now is the time to talk nitty-grinta. Let's talk about it.

To offer a more intense experience to various players, Madden 18 has three new styles of play; Arcade, Simulation and Competitive.

Arcade is Madden's high-end version. This gaming style offers a fast and exciting game style where high scores and spectacular catches are the norm and the penalties are very limited. The user-controlled player is the "leader" and will feel like the most powerful player in the field. This mode is perfect for a player trying to get a fast, casual, action-packed game.

Simulation is the authentic NFL experience Madden Coins. This is the style of play that plays the rules of the player and team and of the NFL rules. This game style includes all penalties, injuries and other casual results supported every Sunday. The players in your list and the schemas you will use will be critical to success while playing the simulation. This is the game mode for players who are passionate about football and want to play a game that is true to that form. Simulation is the default style for the connected connectivity mode.

The competition is all about competition from head to head and tournament. This is where the stick skills of the user are kings and some results will be heavily weighted by game situations and evaluation thresholds. Sanctions are limited, there are no injuries and casual outcomes are rare. Performing game mechanics and correct reading dictate success when playing competitive. EA competitive games events and classified online play modes will be set for this style by default. Be ready for some discussion about the trash, because here lies the hardcore Madden.

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The league's only goal in the history

Ice hockey game is a very strong confrontation, the body collision intense movement, players fighting when there have been. Gaudi Howl, NHL history of another legend. The Detroit Red Wings team captain of the 26 league season, four championships, six times the best player, 23 times the All-Star Game. In addition to superb skills, so that fans are profound memories of his ferocious sturdy play.

In November 1953 and March of last year, Gaudi - Hall in the face of the Toronto Maple Leaf team NHL 17 Coins in the game to play dazzling, not only into the key goals, and sent a wonderful assists for his teammates. He also waved the old fist in the game, knocked the tough opponent on the ice. Therefore, the rivers and lakes have a special argument: in a single game, if the players at the same time to complete the goal, assists and fighting, to get a commendable "Hall hat trick."

In the history of NHL numerous fighting master, the real succession of Gaudi Hao Seoul mantle is the red wing of another star Brandon Shahnah. In his 22 years of player career, he not only led the Red Wing team won three championships, and in the field to complete the 17 "Hall hat trick." Can fight the war of Shane Han is the league's only goal in the history of more than 600, foul penalty time more than 2000 minutes of the players, currently serving the staff of the Maple Leaf Club.

Ice hockey was originally young people in the outdoor natural ice play on the game, fast, ferocious, unrestrained is its nature. Into the indoor ice, turned professional NHL game as far as possible to retain the original flavor. Many in the other ball games were banned by the body collision, in the ice hockey is the rules of the action. The conflict between the players, opened the battle of the posture, the referee is generally not the first time to come forward to stop. When the two sides are too boxing addiction, physical strength, the referee will be separated from both sides, send them to the penalty seat.

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Garnett is a street born man

Kobe Bryant: Bryant in the game on the ball fierce, not afraid of anyone, playing very fight, is not will be linked to color. But the golf course, he and the general players, Bryant NBA Live Coins has his own hobbies, he likes to listen to classical music, immersed alone, enjoy their own world. In this respect, he and others are different, this is probably the reason he is not gregarious.

Landry: It is estimated that until now, people are still imagining Landry gun after the running speed how fast, actually can eventually escape. According to Landry after the memories, after the other shot, Landry ran out of his feet, but also turned over a fence, causing the fingers injured, and finally with the help of nearby residents, the success of the alarm out of danger, then Landry leg shot.

 Beasley: As once Wade is now the most effective assistant, Beasley talent outstanding, but he was caught in a cannabis scandal. However, Beasley after a period of time after the convalescence, prodigal son back.

Turiaf: Turiaf is the Lakers player, but after his contract expires, and the Warriors signed. After Turiaff on behalf of the Warriors guest Los Angeles, he went to visit his old teammate after the game, incidentally brought the famous French football star Henry, which in the Lakers locker room played a small sensation.

 Garnett: Garnett is a street born man, his character has funny side, there are violent side. In a training of the Timberwolves, the rookie in the play played Kevin Garnett, which makes the latter angry red crown, then punch in the past, destroyed the other few teeth, resulting in the last peculiar Qizhi seven needle.

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Hockey combines the characteristics of all other sports

What is the reason for the ice hockey becoming a Canadian national ball?

Hockey combines the characteristics of all other sports: the movement of people and the ball are high-speed movement, but also plus free fighting.

The biggest viewing point of the ice hockey is the speed and the control of the body and the ball at high speed. If the tactics alone, compared with the number of venues similar to the basketball Cheap NHL 17 Coins, the tactics are not so rich, but like a pure circle of American cars have a lot of people see the same speed is itself ornamental, ice hockey see entry is actually quite good of.

Toronto Maple Leaf (ice hockey) ranked second in the North American four professional sports league rankings (total of 122 detachments), but its tickets since 2002, the field sold out, while its all sports clubs in Forbes In the value of the first 26, showing Canadians how crazy the hockey

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The use of realistic NBA player portraits

As the generation of multi-platform basketball game generation dignitaries, EA's "NBA LIVE" series in the sworn enemy "NBA 2K" fight after a few rounds of no longer fighting power, then chose a slow tactics, in postponing the New Year " NBA LIVE 17 "release, in the mobile platform launched a free mobile game" NBA LIVE mobile version "(NBA LIVE Mobile). The production of the manufacturers coupled with the charm of basketball, making this game after the announcement caused a lot of attention Madden Coins. Now the game has been in the world (except for national clothes) debut, what specific performance? Please players with Xiaobian together to see it! The game on the screen using the current more mainstream 3D modeling technology, the stadium, the player's technical action are also try to do a real reduction, although the details are still flawed, but the overall has reached the level above. 

On the player side, the card legislation draws all the use of realistic NBA player portraits, avoiding the embarrassment of face blindness. But to the actual combat of the game, the characteristics of each person is not so obvious, basically in addition to some star players height, color, hair has a recognition, the rest of the role of the player is really no sense of existence. Not to mention stature, wings and tattoos of these subtleties. As for the sound effects, the game can only be said to be reluctantly qualified, no audience before the audience carnival, sound and light symphony also fills, in the course of the game, the sound of a single degree of people also face a bitless, basically can Summarized as: the goal, and call ... ... no goal, call ... ... foul, call ..... but rather looks like the usual dribble, goals and other sound in its Against the background seems to be a lot of professional.
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